Rotterdam Unlimited is one of the largest most exuberant and multicolored free street festivals in the hottest city of Europe, Rotterdam! The eclectic music scene, the famous creative arts community and more than 180 different cultures are the secret ingredients of Rotterdam’s incredibly vibrant and exciting atmosphere, clearly felt during your visit to Rotterdam Unli9mited. Witness Rotterdam Unlimited and you are guaranteed a trip top remember. Aside from the photo opportunities, you can tap into more than 180 different cuisines, make friends and indulge in some serious partying.

Rotterdam unlimited comprises of battles, parades live music, dance and sop much more. Exuberant live electronics, soca, hiphop, soul, R&N drum n’ bass and jungle: new music for a new generation of music fans. Whatever flavor of music you’re into you’ll find more that you can ask for on Rotterdam Unlimited.

Rotterdam Unlimited takes place during 5 days, each year at the end of July. Rotterdam Unlimited consists of several programs: in- and outdoor stages with live concerts, soundsystems, the iconic SummerCarnival parade, Rueda de Casino, various pre- and afterparties and the festival market, called MERCADO.

Rotterdam Unlimited is a free festival, although some of the parties may ask for a small fee to get in.

Rotterdam Unlimited takes place in the city center of Rotterdam and many hotels, from budget to midrange to high end are all located in the near proximity of the festival.

Latest news Rotterdam Unlimited 2021

Last year Rotterdam Unlimited was cancelled due to the corona pandemic. Obviously we immediately announced that we would be back in 2021, still thinking it was safe to say. Unfortunately, current events have caught up with us and things are still not looking good. That’s why Rotterdam Unlimited intends to present its events in 2021, including the iconic Street Parade , in adapted and corona-proof form. So the focus will be on programming in several indoor locations where a door policy with control of vaccination certificates and rapid tests will be possible. Locations such as concerthall De Doelen and Theater Zuidplein and, with regard to the Summer Carnival Streetparade, the Arena of Ahoy is a spectacular replacement. After the Summer Carnival Street Parade, people will be able to enjoy performances by artists from home and abroad. The date is Saturday, July 31, 2021 and the program starts at 1:00 PM. Keep an eye on the website and social media for updates!


Please note that most of the city center os closed down for traffic, so you are doing yourself a huge favor to travel by public transport or by foot.

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