vr 29-07-2022
19:10 - 19:40
Stage 2

Shiwa is a Rotterdam based Reggae & Dancehall artist who made his debut in Angola and the Netherlands in 2007 with a Pan-African hit in collaboration with Angolan artist Yola.

He joined The Rootsriders from 2009 till 2012, known for their 'Tribute to Bob Marley' act, to reinforce the main act during 4 pop tours and 3 theater tours in the Netherlands.

In his quest for a better existence,the magic of his story is reflected by his music. Early 2020 the new musical chapter unfolds and Shiwa starts to combine his creativity and spirituality to connect diverse ethnic groups.

Though he was raised with Indian spiritual music and its values were traditionally handed down from generation to generation, Ashwin grew up in the thriving multicultural society of Rotterdam, so he gravitated towards music in various ways and discovered Reggae at an early age.

Shiwa personifies a cultural fusion, or rather unification of past and present. If you know where you’re coming from, you know where you’re heading. In his words; "I may stand on the shoulders of my inheritance, so that the sun lights up the road ahead."